Meet our company, commitment and values.

D ishelec 65, was created in 1998 by Mr. Alberto Longán. Since the beginning, our objective has been to look for the way to the whole satisfaction of our customers. We have found this way by specialize our self in a concrete range of products, in which we try to offer the most competitive products, (so in the economical way as in the technical one).
Our activity is based in the purchase of equipment resources in the industrial, energetic, enginery and telecom sectors.

Nowadays, we try to maintain an active presence in all the spanish territory, by using our commercial net, which allows us to show our closeness with our customers. Our politic, made of seriousness and trust, has allowed us to establish agreements all over the European Union, and even out of it. Dishelec 65 bets strongly for an improvement in the environment. Because of that, for all these last years, we have been looking for solutions which mean that kind of improvement.