TRAFO ELETTRO offers a service, which is known for being clear and understandable for all customers, as well as fast and responsible with the deadlines.
This range of products is guaranteed by a work group, which is known for his experience and competitive nature. This group has acquired that features due the time and good working in the sector. We try to be something more than just an equipment provider, we try to be the most reliable partner to your business. We look for the perfect availability, which means to offer quick and efficient answers to our customers.
Trafo Elettro tries to be friendly with the environment, and proves it with the ISO 14001:2004 certificate. We have conscience about the security at work, so we update our systems, in order to follow the international security rules.


Since 1960 Ocrev has been distributing electric transformers, and producing engines, and generators. Nowadays, it is a very solid option, and one of the most reliable italian brands in the market.
The transformers can be asked for the consumer, to every applications of conversion, transmission and distribution of the electric energy. Ocrev has 3 factories in its own, with an area of 12.000 m2. All our factories follow the quality and security rules ISO 9001.


KOLEKTOR ETRA has been worked as an electric transformers producer since 80 years ago. It is specialized in electric transformers with 500 MVA power and 420 kV. The factories is specially focused in the reduction of losses and noise troubles.
KOLEKTOR ETRA is defined as an innovative, capable and trustable factory, and these are the words in which our customers believe when they come to us.


PCP is known as a modern and strong brand, which is specialized in the production of metal reinforcing and security grids, as well as steps, balconies, stairs, corridors, platforms, and much more.

Our products are specially designed to be heat-resistant, in order to use them in places like oil platforms, connection between entry and exit installations, or facade decoration.


TREPOVI is a brand, which has spent the last 20 years proving its work capacity. by following the strictest rules in quality, like the British Standard 4994, UNE-En-1321
TREPOVI is specially known as a trustworthy brand, which offers a good service, and a very competitive price. Our office, with experience in very complex projects, works directly with the clients, doing a very concrete and personal work, depending of every kind of client. The innovation is one of the main attributes of the factories, in order to offer the best service.


SANERGRID is a company, mainly focused in the industrial and environment risks control. Our solutions work to find the most innovative way to all the factories which work with us. SANERGRID produces also electrical materials, which are made in all the labs who are partners of the brand.
All of the resources are developed, in order to satisfy the client needs. Our projects are always developed by trying to reduce the ambient impact in the environment, and reducing costs to our clients.
The strong point of SANERGRID is our experience. Our team is able to understand and anticipate all the needs of our clients, and find the perfect solution for them.


GENESAL ENERGY is a business group, which has a location in Spain, and is specialized in the distribution of energy. Our group is totally focused in the client´s needs, and offers a whole service, which includes all the process of production, installation and customer assistance.

GENESAL ENERGY includes its service of viability research. execution and sheduling, which is supervised by our engineers.


AENER ENERGIA S.L.U. is a spanish company, which was born in Madrid in 1994, and is specialized in the production of batteries, net quality equipments and voltage stabilizers. Since the beginning, Aener has been working in a technical and professional way, which was never seen by the competitors. The permanent investment in innovation and research, and the corporative point of view of the company are the main strong point of AENER.
In the actual global market, the company has improved its technology, being able to offer a very high quality range of products and a very personal treat to the clients.


METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is one of the most experienced companies in the sector. Since 1938, the brand produces and designs different power resistances, which are used in the development of engines controls, filters, railway traction and much more electrical products. METAL DEPLOYE is always committed with quality and improvement of its products.
The company is placed in Montbard (Cote d´Or), near Dijon, and its work team is formed by 70 experienced people, who are specialized in investment, design, delivery, formation and post-sell service.


Silentflex® is a brand, which belongs to TEJASA, and produces their own technological products. They are highly competitive, and specially designed against the noise and vibration risks.
This kind of products are used in a lot of sectors, like industrial, railway, infrastructure and electrical machines. The main strong point of the company is the experience in the market. Our company has been developing products due this technology since the 80´s. Added to this, the brand is constantly investing in researches and improvement, in order to be even more competitive in the market. Because of this effort, Silentfex products are certified as one of the most quality products in the market, following the ISO 9001.