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Dishelec 65 International

Excellence in Services for the Energy Industry


Within the DISHELEC 65 GROUP business holding company, there is DISHELEC 65 INTERNACIONAL, a company specialized in providing installation, consulting and logistics services in the field of capital goods for the energy industry. With a clear focus on excellence and innovation, DISHELEC 65 INTERNACIONAL has established itself as a key player in the industrial, energy, engineering and telecommunications sectors.

Committed to the Success of Our Clients

At the core of DISHELEC 65 INTERNACIONAL‘s philosophy is its commitment to the success of its clients.

We proactively get involved in each project, working hand in hand with our clients to ensure outstanding and lasting results.

Sustainable Innovation

In a constantly evolving business world, we embrace innovation as a fundamental pillar of our approach. We are constantly looking for new technologies and approaches to improve efficiency and sustainability in our projects.

By adopting innovative solutions, we not only ensure the forefront in the industry, but also contribute to the sustainable development of our clients’ operations.

In summary, DISHELEC 65 INTERNATIONAL, as an integral part of GRUPO DISHELEC 65, stands as a benchmark in the provision of specialized services for the energy industry, standing out for its excellence, innovation and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.