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The properties of polyester make it compatible with most substances, and very versatile for storing a wide range of chemical products, such as acids, bases, corrosive agents, hydrocarbons or diesel.

TREPOVI is a specialist in manufacturing custom tanks for specific needs in industry, water treatment, energy plants and others. Our specialists will help you determine the optimal solution for your needs.

We have a wide range of special tanks, custom-made for specific needs in industry, water treatment, power plants and others.


They are manufactured specifically for each chemical product. Double-walled tanks avoid the need for a safety bucket.


Tanks with an intermediate layer of expanded polyurethane foam, externally covered with a layer of GRP. This configuration is the ideal choice when looking for efficient thermal insulation for stored materials. The thickness of the insulation is adjusted to ensure optimal performance, without affecting the external appearance, which remains the same as a conventional tank without insulation.


We offer tanks in a wide range of diameters, volumes and with a variety of accessories. Tanks made of GRP stand out for their excellent properties of chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, making them the optimal choice for the storage of fluids in industrial plants. Its design is adaptable to each installation, guaranteeing its effectiveness in highly aggressive environments and operating efficiently in a wide range of temperatures.


The choice of rectangular tanks is ideal to maximize the use of space, and they can be manufactured in customized dimensions. The steel structure of these tanks can be covered with GRP, providing them with notable resistance to corrosive environments and adverse weather conditions, such as rain, gases, etc.

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In all cases

  • The type of resin used is adjusted to ensure optimal resistance to the required working conditions (pH, temperature,…).
  • The tank configuration can be customized in relation to: compartments, flanges, manholes, sight glasses, etc..
  • All types of accessories can be installed such as: level sensors, chemical sensors, alarms, walkways, stairs, leak detectors, electric resistances for heating, etc.
  • Calculated with design standards: UNE 13121, ASME.
  • Seismic and wind calculations.