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Our History with MAGNETRON

Given the growing demand for projects for the United States from various clients with whom we collaborate, dedicated to the manufacturing of inverters and power stations, at DISHELEC 65 we set out to find a manufacturer that met the rigorous American standards. Our choice fell on MAGNETRON, a leading manufacturer of Pad Mounted type transformers (American standard), with which we are tackling numerous photovoltaic projects.

MAGNETRON has experienced exponential growth in recent years basically due to the large increase in investments in renewable energy in the US. It has more than 3GW of experience.

The US market, like any other, has its particularities, and MAGNETRON has vast experience in supplying transformers to the United States. As they say, experience is a determining factor in this field.

MAGNETRON has established itself as one of the transformer manufacturers with whom at DISHELEC 65 we have the pleasure of collaborating. Its commitment to quality equipment, outstanding service and, above all, the dedication of highly qualified professionals, are the fundamental pillars that distinguish MAGNETRON in this competitive market.


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