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DISHELEC INTERNACIONAL 65, the service company of GRUPO DISHELEC 65, is distinguished by excellence in project and service management.

Our experienced team of engineers and project managers is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive advice on the design and installation of products – Power Transformers, GIS, HGIS, cabins… – from all the manufacturers we work with.

We advise numerous clients on how to rethink the positioning of transformers in substations, in civil works benches, metal warehouses, fire protection systems, etc.

From budgeting to complete construction supervision, we offer a full range of services including turnkey projects with a network of subcontracting partners.

As a complement to our wide range of products and services, we provide logistical support to the companies we represent, regardless of their geographic location. This not only simplifies and streamlines the supply chain, but also allows us to guarantee timely and efficient delivery.

Main services

  • Shipping and positioning of power transformers at final destination.
  • Supervision and Assembly of POWER Transformers, GIS, HIS Cells, …
  • SAT Tests of HIS, GIS Transformers, MV Cells.
  • Management of all the logistics of the equipment with which we work, from the departure of the different supplier factories by sea, air or land from Slovenia, Italy, Denmark, China, USA, until their delivery and unloading at the final destination.


Some of the distinctive advantages of our services are:

  • Outstanding quality thanks to the excellent performance of our strategic partners.
  • Fast and efficient response, supported by highly trained professionals.
  • High quality technical documentation, complementing the work carried out.
  • Ability to adapt to changing customer needs.

At DISHELEC 65 Group, we are proud to offer comprehensive solutions and high quality services to satisfy all customer needs in the field of design, installation and maintenance of our products. At the same time, every day there are more manufacturers that rely on our services, considering us a strategic partner in the management of any equipment.