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Our History with TEJASA

TEJASA stands out as a manufacturer specialized in anti-vibration and anti-seismic elements. At DISHELEC 65, we transfer the experience and knowledge of TEJASA to the electrical sector. Through close collaboration, we achieved the approval of anti-vibration elements in the main electrical companies, such as ENEL, IBERDROLA, NATURGY, among others. These elements are installed in all electrical transformers, reducing the transmission of noise generated by the transformers to the building structure.

At TEJASA, DISHELEC 65 and SANERGRID we have a joint patented design, which we are successfully introducing to the French market together with our colleagues at SANERGRID.

Anti-vibrators play a crucial role, especially in transformers installed in residential areas, by preventing inconvenience to neighbors residing above transformation centers.


  • Anti-vibration systems
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