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Supporting Local Talent in Women's Basketball!

At DISHELEC 65 we believe in the power of sport to unite communities and cultivate local talent. We are proud to announce that we have assumed the commitment to sponsor two women’s basketball teams from Viladecans, a municipality in Baix Llobregat, near the city of Barcelona.

  • UNILEVER VILADECANS DISHELEC65 – Women’s Basketball League 2 – Spanish Basketball Federation.

Experience and Passion:

We are pleased to sponsor the UNILEVER VILADECANS DISHELEC 65 team, which competes in the demanding Women’s League 2 of the Spanish Basketball Federation.

These athletes are not only role models for the younger generations, but they also represent the strength and perseverance that characterize us as a business group.

We are committed to supporting them and celebrating their achievements in every game.

Bright Youth, Promising Future:

We have the privilege of supporting the DISHELEC65 VILABASQUET VILADECANS team, which competes in the Junior Preferente of the Catalan League.

These young athletes are forging their path in the world of basketball, demonstrating their dedication and skills on the court. We are excited to be part of their journey and to contribute to the development of this talented team.

Commitment to Development and Equality in Sports

At DISHELEC65 we understand the importance of investing in the community and promoting the practice of sports, especially among women.

We believe that women’s basketball is not only an exciting spectacle on the court, but also a platform for personal development, teamwork and building lasting friendships.

We want to be part of the change and contribute to creating an environment where female athletes can thrive and achieve their goals.

Join us on this Adventure!

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Follow us on social media to receive updates on teams, events, and to show your support for these talented players.

Thank you for being part of this initiative. Together, we will build a brighter future for women’s basketball in our community. Let’s go team!