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Our History with TREPOVI

Our collaboration with TREPOVI is a clear example of success in which we actively participate. TREPOVI is one of those manufacturers whose exponential growth we have witnessed very closely, feeling like main actors in its evolution. All this, backed by an exceptional technical team capable of tackling any project, regardless of its complexity.

DISHELEC 65 has the privilege of having TREPOVI as a supplier, at the same time from our knowledge of the market and the needs we observe, we pose new challenges daily, from the expansion to the French market with our subsidiary SANERGRID with very unique tanks, to the conceptualization and manufacturing of innovative products.

For years, DISHELEC 65 and TREPOVI have worked hard to certify and approve tanks (DPRFV) intended to equip electrical substations at IBERDROLA, successfully achieving this certification. We have accumulated awards of framework contracts, consolidating ourselves as one of the main suppliers of this type of deposits in the market, with hundreds of references and executed projects.

TREPOVI stands out as one of the main manufacturers of fiberglass reinforced polyester tanks (DPRFV), filters and drinking water tanks. The company has first-class infrastructure to undertake large-scale projects and the manufacture of large-format tanks. Its production capacity is considerable, supported by one of the most modern factories in this sector.


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