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Our History with SANERGRID

At DISHELEC 65 we stand out as pioneers in the design and manufacture of oil collection tanks, initially developed for transformation centers and later extended to substations. We started our first designs for ENDESA, and over the years, this solution has become a standard in the market, being adopted not only by ENDESA, but also by other electricity companies such as IBERDROLA, NATURGY, among others. This widespread acceptance is mainly due to the versatility and ease of assembly offered by our tanks. Although it currently continues to coexist with conventional civil works, it has gradually gained ground to become one of the preferred solutions on the market.

At SANERGRID, we have had the privilege of closely witnessing its birth and its evolution in the market. Born as a younger brother of DISHELEC 65, SANERGRID, a company located in France, has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of metal tanks. Its main mission is to add value to the market, collaborating with a portfolio of reference transformer manufacturers, with the main objective of offering clients comprehensive solutions in the design of substations, both in the supply of transformers and in the implementation of solutions. innovative in the electrical market.

We consider ourselves the reference in the design and manufacture of metal tanks, thanks to our continuous evolution in designs. We observe day by day how our solutions are closely monitored by the competition, and in a short time, they are also implemented in their own solutions. We are proud that our competitors recognize us as a reference in the evolution of their own solutions.


  • TRFLEX Flexible Tanks
  • ERT Fire Retention Tanks
  • TRT Standard Withholding Deposits
  • SPI Hydrocarbon Filters
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