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Our History with TRAFO ELETTRO

DISHELEC 65 has extensive experience in the distribution of encapsulated DRY transformers. Over the years, we have collaborated with several leading manufacturers in the encapsulated dry transformer market, and our track record with TRAFO ELETTRO – one of the best manufacturers currently in existence – is especially significant.

Our history with encapsulated dry transformers dates back to 2005-2006, when our CEO, Albert Longán, was one of the founding partners of TMC Spain and carried out commercial management functions until the separation of the TMC TRANSFORMERS GROUP. After several restructurings in the group, DISHELEC 65 separated and worked for some years as a representative in Spain of TMC Italia, a collaboration that we maintained closely until its closure.

After the closure of TMC ITALIA, DISHELEC 65 found itself with a considerable number of transformers pending supply. Faced with this situation, in record time, we explored several manufacturers of dry transformers to fulfill the large order book we had in progress. After months of searching, we found TRAFO ELETTRO or, more precisely, TRAFO ELETTRO found us in 2014, when they were opening a new factory with state-of-the-art ovens and encapsulation plant. This cutting-edge infrastructure was a decisive factor in establishing an exclusive collaboration with them.

We can affirm that TRAFO ELETTRO stands out as a manufacturer of encapsulated DRY transformers, and the quality of its products is among the best on the market. The relationship we have built with TRAFO ELETTRO over the years is exceptional, having collaborated on numerous joint projects. At DISHELEC 65, we are proud to share our path with TRAFO ELETTRO, since we share fundamental business values ​​such as innovation, quality, service and, above all, an exceptional human team.


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