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Our History with OCREV

OCREV stands as a historic manufacturer of medium power transformers and specialized equipment for applications such as furnaces and rectifiers. Our relationship with OCREV dates back to 2008, when we supplied our first medium power transformer for the MIRALCAMP substation, one of the first photovoltaic parks built in Spain with a 20-25 MVA transformer at 132 kV.

Since then, we have had the privilege of supplying a large number of transformers for very diverse applications and we can confirm that, in these 15 years of relationship and after having supplied more than 80 transformers, we have not had any incident, which is one of the main quality seals of DISHELEC 65 when approaching any project.

OCREV stands out for its meticulous manufacturing of transformers, impregnated with care and attention, and this dedication translates directly into outstanding results.
DISHELEC 65 has led successful projects together with OCREV, such as the supply of reactors for the Medina-Mecca railway line, the provision of transformers for the Almería desalination plant, pumping stations, paper plants, and various industrial applications.


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