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Our History with KOLEKTOR ETRA

KOLEKTOR ETRA stands out as a manufacturer of high-power transformers, specializing in the production of units ranging from 20 MVA to 500 MVA and 400 kV. Its main focus is on serving large European electricity companies, which, in recent years, have invested significantly and decisively in new power transformers. These are essential for the construction of substations intended to evacuate the generation of modern photovoltaic plants and wind farms, as well as to efficiently supply energy to all their subscribers.

Likewise, some companies are carrying out the replacement of transformers that have reached the end of their useful life.

Prominent clients, such as IBERDROLA, NATURGY, REE, REPSOL and new players in the renewable energy market, such as TOTAL, STATKRAFT, trust KOLEKTOR ETRA to meet their needs.

At DISHELEC 65, we play a key role in contributing to the consolidation of KOLEKTOR ETRA in the Spanish market. Our collaboration focuses on the constant search for new opportunities that drive growth in the manufacturing and supply of units, as well as the expansion of KOLEKTOR ETRA‘s customer portfolio. At the same time we provide continuity to all clients who already trust KOLEKTOR.

We can say that KOLEKTOR ETRA has established itself as one of the largest European transformer manufacturers, supplying POWER transformers throughout the world.


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