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Pad Mounted transformers are used in distribution systems, being ideal for residential, tourist, hotel and all types of buildings applications. These transformers guarantee safe operation with sealed compartments for high and low voltage, preventing possible accidents. Located in outdoor cabinets, with medium voltage terminals and lockable doors, single-phase transformers are designed to operate in a phase-to-ground system.

They are offered in two basic configurations: radial, which does not allow the continuation of the primary feed line, and ring or mesh, which allows feeding other loads.

Manufactured in compliance with NTC, IEC, ANSI standards and/or customer specifications, the powers vary from 15 kVA to 500 kVA for single-phase and from 30 kVA to 8000 kVA for three-phase, with a voltage level of up to BIL 150 kV.

Pad Mounted type transformers are manufactured in compliance with applicable NTC, IEC, ANSI standards and/or particular customer specifications, with the following characteristics:

  • Power:
  • Single-phase: from 15 kVA to 500 kVA.
  • Three-phase: from 30 kVA to 8000 kVA.
  • Voltage Level: Up to BIL 150 kV.

Transformer elements:

Transformers are typically composed of an active part that includes the core (magnetic circuit), coil (electrical circuit), and flange. The configuration of the flange is determined based on the type of transformer and is housed in a tank that gives specific characteristics to the equipment according to its intended application.


They have a rectangular section arranged concentrically, with windings made of copper or aluminum. For insulation, high quality papers coated with epoxy resins are used.


They come in Shell Type or Core Type configurations, rolled and organized in groups to facilitate assembly and disassembly without affecting dimensional characteristics. This ensures low levels of losses and excitation currents. The material used for the construction of the cores is silicon steel sheet, grain oriented, cold rolled and insulated on both sides, guaranteeing minimal losses and high magnetic permeability.


Made with Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled sheets, these flanges surround the core and have independent screwed covers, facilitating simple disassembly to carry out maintenance work. These flanges ensure high resistance to mechanical stress associated with short circuits, contribute to a low noise level and generate low excitation currents.


Configured in a rectangular shape and manufactured with Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled sheets, these tanks incorporate reinforcements to resist internal pressures derived from the increase in temperature and mechanical stresses associated with the handling and installation of the equipment.

The three-phase tanks include an independent console, screwed to the transformer, which acts as protection for the Low and Medium Voltage circuits. This design has a locking mechanism that, for safety reasons, prevents the opening of the Medium Voltage compartment until the Low Voltage compartment has been previously opened.

For single-phase tanks, a single hinged console is available at the top, providing convenient access to terminals and transformer protection equipment.

Additionally, the radiators are attached to the tank and made of Cold Rolled sheet.

Accessories and Protections:

The accessories used in pedestal-type transformers for Medium Voltage applications are of a premolded elastomeric nature, designed to operate under load, with the exception of those of 600A. These accessories have dead front operating characteristics, which ensure safe operation. The power supply is carried out through an internal disconnector that also operates under load, and is complemented by bayonet or canister assemblies that provide a complete scheme with fuses as a protection system.

MAGNETRON shows a strong commitment to the environment through an Environmental Management System supported by rigorous operational controls and advanced technologies, contributing to sustainable development.

Within these initiatives, the wastewater treatment plants stand out, both domestic and industrial, which ensure high standards of elimination of contaminants characteristic of these discharges. Likewise, a collection center for solid waste has been established, where meticulous classification, segregation and orderly storage is carried out, facilitating its subsequent incorporation into the recycling chain and its reuse in new production processes.

The company supplies high-quality, technologically advanced products, backed by more than 40 years of experience. Its transformer design and calculation system, together with strict quality controls throughout the process, ensures reliable products. Its Quality Management System has been certified under the ISO 9001:2008 standard since 1999, highlighting its ability to provide products that meet the highest standards worldwide and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.